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Karen Libecap

Karen is a Tiny Painter with a passion for creating miniature paintings that contain as much detail as can possibly be conveyed on a small canvas, and whose goal is to get the closest likeness to the subject as possible, while creating a unique and intriguing work of art as small as 1.25" x 1.25".

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Karen attended Kent State University with the intention of studying illustration, but unfortunately did not get into the program and switched to graphic design. Working as an Art Director in Chicago, Cincinnati and Columbus, Karen opened a studio while studying Photography in Charlotte, NC that continued after moving to Birmingham, Alabama. "It wasn't until that move that I decided to try painting again." While working with several mediums on a large scale, Karen was so hyper focused on detail that she had difficulty finishing her works. Her solution: "go small enough that I could finish a painting in one sitting, while still being able to be super realistic." "I use watercolor, gouache or oil with the aid of only reading glasses (so far), miniature series brushes and a lot of patience." Karen has only been working in miniature for a little over 3 years, yet her detail is astonishing and each of her miniatures takes almost as long as large paintings.


History Salvaged, LLC is proud and honored to be partnered with one of the most talented artists in America, Karen Libecap.

With worldwide recognition, paintings in galleries and private collections around the world and features in numerous publications and blogs, History Salvaged and Karen Libecap's mission is to combine their talents to create fine art heirlooms with historic, cultural and personal significance. Heirlooms that will be savored, cherished and passed down to future generations.

Some of Karen's Awards include:

  • 2015, 2016 Bluff Park Art show, Birmingham, AL- Peoples choice
  • 2016 Magic City Art Connection, Birmingham, AL- Award of Merit
  • 2016 Kentuck, Northport, AL- Award of Merit
  • 2017 Artwalk, Birmingham, AL- 2nd Place
  • 2017 Orange Beach Art Show, Orange Beach, AL art show - 1st Place 2D
  • 2017 FairHope Art Show, Fairhope, AL - Chamber Award
  • 2018 Orange Beach Art Show, Orange Beach, AL - 3rd Place
  • 2018 Main St Fort Worth Art Show, Fort Worth, TX - Award of Merit
  • 2018 Artishpere, Greenville, SC - 1st Place 2D
  • 2018 Ann Arbor The Guild Art show, Ann Arbor, MI - 1st Place 2D
  • 2018 Great Gulf Coast Art Show, Pensacola, FL - Award of Merit

Karen Libecap, is developing and creating a high-end line of historic, genealogical and personal heirlooms featuring one of a kind luxury pens, as well as cufflinks, jewelry and other items, thus enabling History Salvaged to continue offering its customers rare, unique, cultural and historically significant gifts and heirlooms that “Keep History Alive®”.

By creating and painting one of a kind pieces of fine art presenting historic figures, buildings and scenes on the caps of History Salvaged pens that feature historic Witness Wood®, History Salvaged and Karen Libecap make available rare and unique pieces of historic and functional art to the discerning collector, history buff and/or aficionado.

Additionally, History Salvaged will be accepting commissions for not only their historic Witness Wood® pens, but the new “Build a Pen®” program, whereby clients can select from custom pen designs and provide personal images that will be painted by Karen and handcrafted into heirlooms that can be passed down to future generations.

“Karen is an amazing talent! The fact that she has agreed to work exclusively with History Salvaged in the creation of historic and family heirlooms by adapting her unique talent to create fine art miniature paintings on our historic Witness Wood® and other pens, makes available to our respective clients new and exciting heirlooms and gifts” said Bob DeMartino, Founder at History Salvaged, LLC,.