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Handcrafted Witness Wood® Pens

About Us

History Salvaged and HistoryPens.com, LLC (HS) began with a simple goal: the reclamation, salvaging, and repurposing of wood and other natural materials from historic sites throughout the United States that would otherwise be discarded and lost to history.

HS works primarily with wood and timbers removed from historical buildings and sites during the renovation of existing structures as well as with trees and branches that have fallen in storms or are removed for safety reasons or expanded construction.

The value that History Salvaged sees in these unique resources has inspired us to create our handcrafted heirlooms! If these resources could only speak, they would provide first-hand accounts to some of the seminal events in American and World History. By salvaging and utilizing Witness Wood® and other materials, our passion and commitment is to build heirlooms that last for generations! Our hope not only is that our creations will inspire, generate conversation and enjoyment for their original owners, but that they will be passed down to future generations and inspire that generation with the story each contains!

Each of the pens, cufflinks or other heirlooms we create are crafted to stand the test of time. The materials that we use to accent and complement our Witness Wood® is of the finest quality and when in the hands of our Master Craftsmen the finished product will look as good 25 years from now as the day it was purchased.

History Salvaged is always striving to new heights. We continually seek new, unique and rare Witness Woods® and are proud to have many exclusive relationships with historic sites. Combined with our classic and innovative designs we are proud to be the industry leaders in the creation of handcrafted historic Witness Wood® fine writing instruments. 

Leading the industry and creating our historic Witness Wood® pens is not an easy task, but a welcome one. A single pen can take up to 80 hours to complete and that does not take into account the process of locating and acquiring salvageable artifacts, choosing a pen design or developing and creating a new custom pen design and all the non pen components like packaging, Certificates of Authenticity and more.

As the leading manufacturer in the historic Witness Wood® pen market, we take pride in our Made in America craftsmanship, a tradition that we will never waver from.

History Salvaged takes the same pride in the creation of a historic Witness Wood® pen whether made for Captains of Industry, Pope Francis, the British Royal Family, Governors, the President of the United States or YOU, our valued customer.

While touring Ellis Island several years ago we watched construction workers tossing sheets of marble out of a window into a dumpster. After inquiring about what they were doing we were told that the building was being preserved and renovated and that “we are just getting rid of the junk”. That “junk” turned out to be 100+ year old original construction marble and tiles from the hospital building that my both of my Father’s parents and both of my Mother’s grandparents spent time in when the emigrated to the United States at the turn of the 20th Century. Something just didn’t seem right about the total disregard of materials that touched and witnessed so many stories and so much history.

Over the next several years we witnessed this same process being repeated at historic and cultural sites nationwide and that prompted us to find a way to repurpose some of these precious resources that have witnessed so much help “Keep History Alive®” in our own small way.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to keep our history alive for current and future generations as we strive in our small way to ensure America’s culture and history is preserved.

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