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Handcrafted Witness Wood® Pens

Eco-Friendly Process Using Reclaimed Building Materials

History Salvaged in West Creek, New Jersey creates fine writing instruments and other unique gifts produced from Witness Wood® and other materials of historic and cultural significance by repurposing artifact that normally would be discarded in the preservation, restoration and renovation process. We strive to “Keep History Alive®” by salvaging and repurposing pieces of our past that typically would be lost to time.

Salvaged Wood

History Salvaged seeks out Witness Wood® and timbers removed during restoration and renovation of historical buildings and grounds. We strive to salvage and create an alternative, rather than the discarding and destruction of these unique and limited resources. In our small way we also help preserve the integrity of the environment through the repurposing of these materials.

Unique Business Model

Our business model gives old resources new life, additionally we make every effort to support and give back to the community, historic sites and museums Not only do we create fine writing instruments, but also ornaments, magnets, bookmarks, knives, and artwork.

National Identity

With great political, social and environmental challenges facing mankind in the 21st century, our once-strong relationship with our forefathers and national identity is fading into obscurity. History Salvaged is not only committed to preserving our country’s sites and buildings, but is also dedicated to supporting charities, organizations, communities and historic sites through the continued development of our unique handcrafted Witness Wood® creations.

Beaches & Boardwalks More Information

• Atlantic City Boardwalk (NJ)
• Seaside Heights Boardwalk (NJ)
• Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk (NJ)
• Ocean City Boardwalk (NJ)
• Wildwood Boardwalk (NJ))
• Malibu Pier
• Coney Island Boardwalk (NY)
• The Steel Pier (NJ)
• Tuckerton Seaport (NJ)
• The Shack (NJ)
• Asbury Park Boardwalk


Whiskey, Wine & Spirits More Information

• Jack Daniel Cask
• Jim Beam Cask
• Church Hill’s Port Barrel
• Highland Park Barrel
• Macallen Barrel
• Laphroaig Barrel
• Glenfiddich Cask
• Assorted Retired Wine Barrels

Ships of the World More Information

• HMS Victory
• HMS Invincible
• Clipper Cutty Sark
• LaNatalie, Inconstant & Napoleon
• SS Great Britain

Ships of America More Information

• USS Constitution
• USS Constellation
• USS North Carolina
• USS Missouri
• USS Wisconsin
• USS Massachusetts
• USS Yorktown
• USS Cairo (Civil War)
• CSS Virginia
• USS Maine (Spanish-Am. War)
• The City of New York (Spanish-Am. War)
• USS California
• US Brig Niagara (War of 1812)
• USS Undine
• CSS Dot (Civil War)
• SS Peerless (Civil War)
• USS Merrimack

War Between the States More Information

• “Stonewall” Jackson Prayer Tree
• Jefferson Davis Beauvoir Plantation
• Gettysburg
> Union Field Hospital, Sheaffer Farm (Blood Stained Floorboards)
> Union Field Hospital, Sheaffer Farm (Beam)

• Appomattox (McLean Surrender House)
• Dr. Mudd House (MD)
• Elmira Prison, “Hellmira” (NY)
• Libby Prison (MD)
• General Longstreet Tree
• Ford's Theatre
• Clara Barton
• U.S. Grant

Revolutionary War & Early America More Information

• Washington Elm
• Christ Church, Philadelphia
• St. Peter’s Church, Philadelphia
• Old North Church, Boston
• Independence Hall
• Patrick Henry Home
• Last Battle of the American Revolution (Cedar Bridge Tavern)
• Trinity Church (NYC)
• John Street Methodist Church (NY)
• Fort Erie
• Old South Church (Boston)
• John Marshall House

Presidents  More Information

• George Washington’s Mount Vernon
• Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
• James Madison’s Belle Grove Plantation
• Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace
• Abraham Lincoln’s Law Office
• Ronald Reagan - Reagan Ranch
• Woodrow Wilson - Home and Birthplace
• Lincoln Oak, Bloomington, IL
• Ford’s Theatre
• The White House

• Harry Truman’s Little White House
• Andrew Johnson
• Teddy Roosevelt - Sagamore Hill
• Benjamin Harrison - Birthplace
• Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Planted
• Donald J. Trump
• Dwight D. Eisenhower
• U.S. Grant
• Ulysses S. Grant
• James Madison

Historic & Cultural America More Information

• Sam Houston Pecan Tree
• Grand Ole Opry Stage Floor
• Packard Proving Grounds
• Henry Ford’s Fair Lane Mansion
• Touro Synagogue
• Ghiradelli Square
• Warner Brothers Prop & Studio Building
• Stanford University’s Encina Gymnasium
• Boeing Plant #2
• Mark Twain Home
• Buffalo Bill Cody's Ranch
• Presidio of San Francisco
• San Quentin
• Windsor Mills Covered Bridge (OH)
• Brooklyn Bridge
• Golden Gate Bridge
• Wisconsin State Capital Building
• Juana Briones House (CA)
• History of Admiral Dewey
• United States Military Academy - West Point
• The Beatles
• WWII- Guam


• Yankees Stadium seat (1923)
• Lambeau Field Bleacher
• Shibe Park/Connie Mack Stadium seat
• Crosley Field seat
• Polo Grounds
• Fenway Park
• Ohio Stadium seat (Ohio State U)
• Assembly Hall (Indiana U)
• Milwaukee County Stadium
• Ebbets Field
• Wrigley Field
• Shea Stadium


• Luftwaffe Messerschmidt
• London Bridge granite
• Alcatraz brick & stone
• TransAmerica Building graphite
• Empire State Building marble

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