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Handcrafted Witness Wood® Heirlooms, Gifts, and Collectibles

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Heirloom Pens & More

Handcrafted Heirlooms

Look to History Salvaged for Fine Writing Instruments, Unique Gifts, and Collectibles made from historic and culturally significant repurposed Witness Wood® and other materials. We offer beautiful pens and functional art that are wonderful to give or receive.

Flag and Witness Wood

Witness Wood®

For your personal use, as a gift, or for the discerning collector: History Salvaged creates heirloom quality pens and other items that honor historical moments in history. Every handcrafted piece we create is made from Witness Wood® or other materials that may be the last of its kind as each is a limited resource.

Karen Libecap

Karen Libecap

By creating and painting One of a Kind pieces of fine art presenting historical figures, buildings, and scenes on the caps of History Salvaged pens featuring historic Witness Wood®, as well as commissioned personal and family paintings, Karen's work, will be presented on handcrafted heirlooms that can be passed down to future generations.

The Historian & More

The Historian & More!

The Historian is our handcrafted History Salvaged flagship Fountain Pen. Classically designed, the mirror-finished, dimpled brass cap was designed to accentuate the perfectly balanced Witness Wood® body of each pen. Crafted to order, The Historian is 100% handcrafted (except for the Nib and filling system) and is available with any available History Salvaged Witness Wood®.

News, Updates & More

News, Updates & More

See recent acquisitions, projects, and articles, along with FAQ about our product, pens, inks, and more. Additionally, please visit our Gallery of ever-changing images of our products, Witness Wood®, and craftsmanship.

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History Salvaged is proud to have been selected to create a collection of custom Authentic White House Witness Wood® Pens for the White House Historical Association. This collection is available exclusively at the White House Gift Shop and through the White House Historical Association Online Shop. Please visit the White House Historical Association Gift Shop by clicking the image to the right or the online store below.

White House Association

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Who We Are

Based in West Creek, NJ, History Salvaged is committed to “Keeping History Alive®” through the repurposing of reclaimed and salvaged Witness Wood® and other materials of historical and cultural significance. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our artists, artisans, gold and silversmith, and master pen makers are unparalleled in the creation of handcrafted unique and functional art, collectibles, heirlooms, and fine writing instruments.

Dedicated to saving history one piece at a time, our customers and we cherish each handcrafted, Made in the USA, heirloom quality creation. Each heirloom has a story to tell, and whether you “Use Them, Collect Them or Gift Them,” that story is being passed on and not lost to time.

Mission Statement

History Salvaged began with a simple goal: the reclamation, salvaging, and repurposing of wood and other natural materials from historical sites throughout the United States that would otherwise be discarded and lost to history.

We work primarily with Witness Wood® and timbers removed from historical buildings and sites during the renovation and preservation of existing structures, as well as with trees and branches that have fallen in storms or are removed for safety reasons or expanded construction.

With the challenges facing all of us in the 21st Century and as the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers age, the relationship with our forefathers and national identity seems to be fading. We are committed to preserving our national identity and preserving sites, buildings, and materials that have not only been witnessed but have been part of that national identity.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to keep our history alive for current and future generations as we strive in our small way to ensure America’s culture and history are preserved.

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