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Handcrafted Witness Wood® Pens

Elegant Handcrafted Pens, Unique Gifts & Collectibles Made from Repurposed Witness Wood®

History Salvaged in West Creek, New Jersey is the world leader in the acquisition of Cultural and Historically significant Witness Wood® and other materials. As the dominate company in the creation of handcrafted luxury pens featuring historic Witness Wood®, History Savaged provides its customers and clients with one of a kind heirloom gifts and collectibles that are and rare, unique and exquisite handcrafted functional works of art.


Whether you’re a collector or looking for a gift, History Salvaged has the products for you. With each of our pens, you are receiving not just a piece of history but a fine writing instrument handcrafted by a Master Pen Maker. We create each of our pens to stand the test of time, hoping that these heirlooms along with the story they contain will be passed down to future generations. Every pen we produce is individually handcrafted from wood or timbers that were part of a historic or cultural site that witnessed history that we only read about today. With each pen, you’ll receive a certificate of authentication, detailing the provenance of your heirloom product.

History Comes to Life

At History Salvaged, we support history and preservation by offering you the opportunity to purchase from our expanding line of handcrafted pens and other items made from repurposed Witness Wood® and other materials that have been salvaged from structures and lands with historical and cultural significance.

Our Commitment

In keeping with our mission, we are committed to secure and salvage historic and culturally significant Witness Wood® and other materials that would typically discarded or lost to time, History Salvaged has put together a team of artists, artisans and craftsmen to create a collection of products that meet our goals to develop and create original and limited edition works and heirlooms for the public to enjoy, collect and pass on to future generations.

  • Pens & Fine Writing Instruments
  • Watches
  • Cuff Links
  • Knives
  • Ornaments and Magnets
  • Relics

Pens and Fine Writing Instruments

Craftsman Working

In 2019 History Salvaged will be gearing up to offer a 2020 release of a Limited Edition Collection of Made in America Watches handcrafted by one of the premier artisan watchmakers in the United States. The collection will be some of the finest watches available and feature some of History Salvaged Witness Wood® relics as part of the design. Please check back later this year and become one of the few owners of what is sure to become an American Classic Watch.


Silver Cuff Links

History Salvaged is now offering a line of handcrafted Solid Sterling Silver Cuff Links featuring a Witness Wood® insert face and recessed identification of the specific Witness Wood® along with our Witness Wood® slogan on the reverse of our solid post Cuff Links. History Salvaged Cuff Links are designed and handcrafted by our Silver and Goldsmith and throughout 2017 we will be releasing not only different available Witness Wood® Cuff Links but also several different designs and materials.

Shortly on this page we will list the release dates for various Witness Woods® and styles, so visit often.

Cuff Links

Collection of Custom Gifts

Although History Salvaged focus is in the creation of hand crafted pens and other items made from repurposing our Witness Wood® and other materials from Historic and Cultural sites, in order to bring our unique product to a broader market we have contracted with a leader in the process of laser engraving so that we can utilize every piece of Witness Wood® thus minimizing waste of these precious resources. This partnership has afforded History Salvaged to utilize the creativity of our designers, artists and artisans to create collections of custom gifts and particularly Ornaments and Magnets from our Witness Wood®. We are able to translate our graphic designs into ornaments, magnets and more, by expertly working the Witness Wood®, through a process that includes several washings and dryings, we then saw, sand and router the Witness Wood® before it is laser engraved, lacquered and even colored.

Ornaments and Magnets


History Salvaged is continually seeking out Witness Wood® and other materials that can be repurposed into fine quality handmade heirlooms. From time to time come into possession of items that we are either unable to repurpose or in a condition that we feel should be left intact. Therefore, we have decided to make those items or Relics available to our customers and collectors.

Although the occasions when we have Relics are infrequent we will list them in our store, please check them out as you may find something of interest.



History Salvaged has begun working with Palmetto Blades of South Carolina on a collaboration that will include a series of Limited Edition Made in America handcrafted Collectible Knives featuring historic Witness Wood® as part of the design.

In choosing Palmetto Blades and its owner Ricky Simpson for this collaboration, History Salvaged is working with one of the premier artisan knife-makers in American. We will be introducing very limited editions of various collectible hand crafted knives featuring historic Witness Wood® handles, the finest quality Alabama Damascus, expert craftsmanship and more.



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