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Handcrafted Witness Wood® Pens

H.S. Cullen Signature Series

The H.S. Cullen Signature Series is a Joint Venture between History Salvaged, LLC and renown artisan Tim Cullen with the express purpose of creating an exclusive BRAND of handcrafted one-of-a-kind Pens, Rings, Jewelry and/or other items featuring Historic and Cultural Witness Wood® owned and acquired by History Salvaged, LLC and conceptualized, designed and crafted by Tim Cullen.

Tim Cullen is considered one of the premier artisan pen crafters in America whose talents include not only woodworking, metal work, hand engraving and more, but Tim's talents in design and the combining various media in his work is second to none.
The H.S. Cullen Signature Series is modeled to be a very exclusive one-of-a-kind series of items. Although there may be an assortment of items for any one particular Witness Wood®, each piece create by Tim will be unique unto itself, beyond, the texture, grain and other features of the Witness Wood® or other materials Tim uses to craft each creation.

Besides individual pieces, we are currently developing several series of pens: an Independence Hall Collection, World War II Collection, Abraham Lincoln Collection, Civil War Collection, Ships of the World Collection, Presidents Collection among others. Our thoughts for example, are to create an Independence Hall Collection of at least 13 Pens, one for each of the original Colonies/States. Although each will contain Independence Hall Witness Wood®, the concept, design and creation will be solely at the description of Tim Cullen. Tim may decide to incorporate an antique Cebloplast, a period nail, musket shot, possibly hand engrave an image or come up with something else specific to each pen he creates. Although the 13 piece collection will be, just that a collection, they may all look very similar or be as different as each of the State's flags, depending on how Tim conceptualizes and interprets each piece.

Please feel free to contact us directly at Bob@HistorySalvaged.com should you have an interest in a H.S. Cullen one-of-a-kind work.

H.S.Cullen Custom Commissioned Pens!

Tim Cullen

H.S. Cullen has begun creating a series of One-of-a-Kind handcrafted fine writing instruments utilizing the creative talents and craftsmanship of one of the premier pen makers in the United States, Tim Cullen. Additionally, History Salvaged and H.S. Cullen is offering client commissioned opportunities , please check with us at Bob@HistorySalvaged.com if you have an interest in developing a specific Witness Wood® pen with Tim.

The following is a list of rare and unique Witness Woods® that History Salvaged and Tim Cullen have identified as part of the initial H.S. Cullen Signature Series.

Tim will be developing his designs based on using these magnificent Witness Woods® as the featured component in each One-of-a-Kind pen, but may incorporate other materials to accentuate each piece. Additional materials may include but are not limited to period and Witness Wood® related nails, copper or other metal works, Witness Wood® related stone, brick and other natural materials, antique celluloids and antique cebloplasts, along with other materials that will exemplify the Tim’s hand engraving, metal work and other amazing craftsmanship and talents.

Should you have interest in ANY of the below list Witness Woods®, please click the More Information button and send us an email. H.S. Cullen will be available to discuss creative options and specifics that you may be interested in.

Ships of the World More Information

• HMS Victory • HMS Invincible • Clipper Cutty Sark


H.S. Cullen Pen #1 - Teddy Roosevelt
Cullen Roosevelt

Ships of America More Information

• USS Constitution
• USS Constellation
• USS North Carolina
• USS Missouri
• USS Wisconsin
• USS Massachusetts
• USS Yorktown

War Between the StatesMore Information

• “Stonewall” Jackson Prayer Tree • Jefferson Davis Beauvoir Plantation • Appomattox (McLean Surrender House)

• Gettysburg Union Field Hospital, Sheaffer
  Farm (Blood Stained Floorboards)

Revolutionary War & Early America More Information

• Washington Elm • Old North Church, Boston

Presidents More Information

• George Washington’s Mount Vernon • Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello • James Madison’s Belle Grove Plantation
• Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace • Abraham Lincoln’s Law Office • Ford’s Theatre
• Harry Truman’s Little White House • The White House

Miscellaneous Historic & Cultural America More Information

• Sam Houston Pecan Tree • Brooklyn Bridge • Golden Gate Bridge

Independence Hall Witness Wood® More Information

• Signers Collection – One each for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Sam Adams, John Hancock, John Adams and others • 13 piece collection – One for each of the Original 13 States: Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island